Rental Policy

Orders are packaged and shipped several times per week.  If you decide to cancel an order, full refunds are only available on orders that have not yet shipped.  If you cancel an order before it has been delivered, you can get a partial discount ($10/reamer).  

If there is a problem with the order when it arrives or during use, you are responsible for contacting us immediately.  Do not return the items without talking to us first so that we can resolve the problem efficiently.    You are responsible for confirming that the tools you receive are as requested, are in good condition and are complete as listed on the packing slip.  Our liability is limited to the cost of the rental.

Shipping insurance is included with the supplied shipping containers.  If you use your own containers, then you are responsible for postage and insurance.

There is a deposit required for each tool rented, which is covered by your credit/debit card.  Deposit insurance is offered optionally and covers all accidental damage while in use.  It does not cover loss, abuse, misuse or any modification to the tools.  Tool Rental Time is 3 Full Business days Does not count Weekends or Holidays. Rental time starts the day after you receive the reamer, If you need more time, please call and see if the rental time can be extended.  Late returns are charged $5/day/reamer.